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This anti-cancer checklist includes everything Ryan and his family have done to remove toxins and cancer-proof their home. Don’t feel overwhelmed or get frustrated by the number of things you could do; this list is color-coded to help you work through simple changes you can implement today, and those you may need to plan or budget for.

Downloading this checklist will help you take this seriously! Several causes of disease, or aggravators of existing disease, can be removed entirely by working through this one-of-a-kind document.

And remember, everyone starts somewhere — the important thing is getting started!

In the 10 pages of this comprehensive document, Ryan identifies and recommends how to address these important topics:

  • Air quality
  • Water quality
  • Fungus (Mold)
  • Light and lighting
  • Electro-Pollution (EMF)
  • Children’s products
  • Personal care products
  • Cleaning products
  • Cookware and tableware
  • Food storage

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Meet Your Host

Ryan Sternagel

Ryan Sternagel

Ryan Sternagel, along with his wife Teddy, is the founder of The Stern Method, a platform informing and inspiring families going through cancer to succeed on all fronts.

In May of 2014, their son Ryder was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer of the nervous system, eleven days before his first birthday. The Sternagels consulted countless doctors and health experts of all disciplines to employ an integrative approach that cut the amount of conventional treatment Ryder received in half through an integrative mix of super nutrition, complementary therapies and energy medicine, along with a whole lot of prayer and healthy lifestyle changes.

Ryan hosts the Integrative Answers to Cancer podcast to share these strategies with those that need them. To further their goal of preventing future cases of childhood cancer, in 2018, Ryan hosted The Toxic Home Transformation - an online event that showed over 100,000 families how to rid their homes of all physical and energetic environmental toxicity.

Ryan and Teddy continue to ensure that Ryder and his little sister Channing thrive for the rest of their lives, sharing how they do it along the way through their social media posts, videos and articles on The Stern Method website.